MKL is a Calc mining pool protocol based on BSC. It is a DAPP running on the original development automatic chain based on BRC underlying protocol technology. It is decentralized and innovative economic consensus algorithm. It adopts the scientific community autonomy voting method on the chain and uses the circular deflation mechanism, that is, Calc excavates minerals to produce MKL and continuously destroys deflationary MKL.

50%mkl+50%u cast NFT Suanli card
The card amounts are:200U 400U 1000U 2000U
Random card calculation force 2.6-7 times
45% destroyed, 5% increased LP

1 5%U and 5%token add pool.
2 7.5% entered the market value, fell by 20%, bought token and destroyed it.
3 2.5% as ecological prize pool
4 35% as 30ceng dynamic reward.

Total amount of crazy pool

800000 token,End of 1000 days

Reward 800token every day

Income formula

Revenue = card computing power *lp

Purchase a blind box to obtain 2.6-7 times of computing power, and enjoy wealth income according to computing power

NFT blind box type Token allocation Calculated force value Initial value Basics
400U 200U MKL-200U 2.6-7times 1040-2800 400
1000U 500UMKL-500U 2.6-7times 500UMKL-500U 1000
2000U 1000UMKL-1000U 2.6-7times 5200-14000 2000

45%Destruction,10%Add LP,35%dynamic7.5%Guard plate2.5%Jackpot

High security, preventing 51% attacks and witch attacks
Eliminate third-party interference and avoid third-party monopoly
No one intervenes, and the user has complete control over the assets
Fair and transparent platform global deployment

 Dao fordapp operation
 MKL most LP outputs
 MKL destruction, data transparency
 Deflation mechanism, MKL rising
 No foam, controllable market value
 Competition mechanism to maintain motivation
 Strong cash flow, leading the market
 Dao, quantitative change to qualitative change
 In terms of mechanism, it is mandatory to sell coins, and it is forbidden to hoard coins. The market value is infinite

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Tiger Fund基金会已投资MKL,将作为MKL的治理机构,致力于MKL的开发建设、运营和维护,保障MKL生态的安全与和谐发展,帮助社区管理一般事项和特权事项。

MKL adopts Dao. The goal of governance on the chain is to provide a safe way for community members, developers and miners to change and control the development trend of the ecosystem., Holding MKL is the administrator and enjoys the right to participate in major decisions of the community